The Best Way To Uninstall How To Make My Computer Run Faster In Windows 81

Over the past week, several readers have told us that they have learned how to speed up Windows 81 on my PC. Uninstall additional antivirus programs.Close the notification area only for programs that are running at startup.Show startup items.Change program.Clean up CD errors.Defragment your hard drive.Clean up your busy hard drive.Disable visual effects.

Set The Taskbar To Close Applications.

The device software in the notification area starts at startup and continues to run in the background. They can be cleaned up to free up resources by simply right-clicking the application in the taskbar and closing it.

Run The Disk Optimization Utility Globally

Thanks to our mother computer Earth, the files are constantly opening, are finalized and deleted by both each user and the operating system, are simply written by themselves to several different physical locations instead of “a continuous stream as disk space becomes available in new, unusually high patterns”. /p>

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DeleteRemoving Unnecessary Software, Programs And Toolbars

The first mandatory task is to remove unnecessary software from your PC, regardless of whether it is running Windows 7 or 8.1 or earlier. They unknowingly install unnecessary software, plans and toolbars. Install programs from your PC. At some point, I may want to tell you that no software is needed other than Microsoft software, MOS Office, Adobe Reader, Photoshop. If you want to have more programs that unfortunately suit your needs, you have the option to have more programs. However, the PC speed will be slower. To uninstall apps, programs, and toolbars:

how to make my pc run faster windows 81

STEP 2: Adjust System Properties To Turn Off Shadows And Animations

By default, Windows comes with a lot of eye-pleasing effects such as animations and shadow effects. , etc. to improve the user interface. You can disable these effects from all effects to improve the performance of the method.

Why Did My Computer Suddenly BecomeHow Slow?

One of the most common causes of slowdowns is computer programs running in the background. Remove or disable all TSRs and startup programs that run automatically every time you start your computer system. To see which policies are running in the background and how much memory and CPU they are consuming: open Task Manager.

Upgrade To Windows 8. If You Are Currently Using Windows 10, You Can Upgrade Your PC To Windows 8.1. But At The Same Time, It’s Important To Know Which Windows 10 Was Released In July 2015. If You Are Upgrading To 4 Windows.1, You Can Upgrade To Windows 10 And We Highly Recommend That You Do So – Check Out The Windows 10 Guide To Learn How.

Who Is Everyone Still Using Windows 8 Plus Windows 8.1?

According to Statcounter operating system sales data for January-February 2022, Windows 8.1 is currently required by 2.93% of desktops. users worldwide, up from an initial 3.46% in July last year. For Windows 8, this figure is only 0.69% compared to 1.24%. Both that and friendThis is extremely small compared to Windows 7, which is still steadily declining in market share but remains healthy at 11.92%.

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