Fix ITunes Music Transfer From External Hard Drive

In some cases, your computer may display an error code indicating that you are transferring music to iTunes from an external hard drive. There can be many reasons for this problem.

transfer music to itunes from external hard drive

If you don’t decideIf you want to send music to iTunes from an external hard drive, you can spend 5 minutes. to get 2 alternative methods, the last guide will help us.

iTunes can be a good helper to listen to control and music on computer. You can successfully add unpurchased music from external hard drive to iTunes. So you can listen to your own music on your computer and, of course, sync your songs to your iPhone, Apple iPad or iPod. Here, in this case, we are going to show you two solutions to choose from. Let’s get started.

Read how to back up your iTunes library to an external hard drive 1


Part. Finally, Transfer Music From External Hard Drive Directly To ITunes

How do I transfer music from my external hard drive?

Step 1: Open iTunes > Connect external hard drive Step 2: Open File menu “Back to iTunes” > select “Add to Library”.3: Step Select your external hard drive. Select > music or music folder > Click Open.

iTunes supports users to add music from an external hard drive. But always keep in mind that you can only transfer iTunes-supported music formats from your flash drive to iTunes, such as MP3, M4A, aac, WAV, M4R, AIFF, aif, and M4B.

Step 1. Open iTunes > connect your external hard drive.Re:

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Step into i-tunes click File menu > Select Add Library.

Shadow 3. Select external device > Select music or music file > Click “Open”.

If you can’t find the Add to Library option, you can go to Settings > Advanced > Organize iTunes Media Folders and Copy Files to Apple iTunes Media Folder when Added to Assortment. Select > Configuration to click OK.


Part 2: Transfer To ITunes Music With AnyTrans

Users who are familiar with iTunes know that it’s quite a complex tool these days. All sorts of iTunes errors appeared with absolute sign and it is not known whether the transfer is successful or not, because iTunes does not send anything. So if you don’t like i-tunes and want to try other workspace tools to help you relax.we

Here we recommend AnyTrans, which can help you transfer music from external hard drive to iTunes. Can you also transfer music or other files to iPhone/iPad/iPod. Besides, it helps you to transfer music from iDevices/iTunes to sophisticated external drive to save music that someone likes. Let’s look at the functionsand what Anytrans can do for you:

Follow step 1. Launch Anytrans> Connect an external USB hard drive to your computer> “Push Device Manager” and select the “Music” tab for the home page.

Step 2. You click “Add Songs” during the “Add Songs” option. Select the songs you want to transfer from external hard drive. > Click “Open”.

Step 4: Select which songs are actually transferred from the external hard drive. > Click “Send to select iTunes”, “Advanced”.

Step 4. When the sync is completed, or click Files to browse files, iTunes will appear automatically. You will then be able to browse and play music from your current hard drive in iTunes.

You can delete songs by clicking the “Delete” button, if they do not match the songs saved by your method after the transfer.

End Result

transfer music to itunes from external hard drive

We hope this guide will help you successfully transfer your favorite songs from your external hard drive to iTunes. If AnyTrans appeals to you, give it a try and find out more!


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Backup tipsio and data transfer to iTunes

AnyTrans – music transfer

  • Transferring an external hard drive to Music Apple Company loss of quality/data.
  • Supports loading audio files from external media to permanent disk.
  • Supports content management for other ringtones, such as images, messages, etc. All
  • Supports enabled iPhone models, as well as Windows and Mac.
  • A former iMobie fan who actually wants to help users solve various problems with iOS and Android.

    It is not necessary to transfer songs from your external hard drive to iTunes. Due to the limited amount of random access computer memory, users prefer to store songs, photos, and videos on external hard drives. When you receive a new computer, youYou can import the music from your hard drive to external iTunes again, you can like music on computer or transfer to iPhone songs.

    When it comes to adding files to iTunes, someone you know can use the Add File To To Library feature to import songs into iTunes, which you did. The difficulty lies in the fact that when you turn off the external hard drive, iTunes may not find the file. That’s why you’re on this page, right?

    It looks like you’ve taken the last step, so you can’t exactly transfer music from your external hard drive to iTunes. Don’t worry, the guide should show you all the points to help you import music from iTunes successfully. . If

    â–º Want to be able to transfer songs from your car’s external hard drive to iPhone, you can refer to Part 2 to find a much easier way. This allows you to reassign purchased or unpurchased music to iPhone 4g without sync issues.

  • Part 1. How to Transfer Music from External Hard Drive to iTunes?

  • Part 2. The Easy Way to Transfer Songsfrom external hard drive to iPhone

  • How Do I Transfer Music From An External Hard Drive To ITunes On Mac And Windows?

    Normally, when you click “Add file to library…”, i-tunes only saves files to the location of the person. Thus, you will find that some files are not available when the external drive is not connected. .you .must .read .the .settings .to .copy .computer .to .iTunes .media .folder .- .copy .files .to .your .computers ..

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    Steps To Transfer Music From External Hard Drive To ITunes On Mac And Windows

    1. Launch iTunes and connect an external hard drive to your computer.

    3. Click the “Advanced” tab > check “Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library” > click “OK” to confirm.

    How do I move my iTunes library from an external hard drive to a new Mac?

    On your Mac, click “To finder” again, to open a single Finder window. hard Select the drive of your new Mac. You click on the music folder. Drag the original iTunes folder from your external hard drive to one of the Music folders on your new Mac.

    How do I restore iTunes library from external hard drive?

    Sign out of iTunes.Find your drive on your computer’s external drive.Locate the iTunes folder on your company’s external drive in the location where you want to place it on the internal drive.Hold down the Shift key while previewing iTunes.If you see a message about selecting or creating a library, click Select Library.

    How do I get iTunes to recognize my external hard drive?

    Hold down the Shift key while launching iTunes.Select the person in the iTunes library on the Surface drive.Then go to File > Library > Organize Library.In the window that appears, make sure that the Create to merge files checkbox is OK.

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